Summer Trend Obsession: Gingham

Happy Monday lovelies! How did the weekend go by so quickly yet again?!? I feel like I always squeeze in as much adventure as possible during the weekends that they just end up escaping me within a blink of an eye! And with the warm weather and long nights, there's even more excuse to stay out all day doing fun stuff! But can we just talk about the fact that it is already where did the last 6 months go? Hopefully this summer doesn't escape us as quickly as the previous months because I have lots of ideas for future blog posts! (Stay tuned ;)).

Speaking of summer, my current trend obsession as of late has been gingham. I am constantly finding myself online shopping and looking at the store's gingham printed merchandise and I just want it all! (cue the Sharpay Evans' song in High School Musical 2). Zara has some really great gingham pieces which is actually where I got both pieces that you will see!

I had been looking for trousers for a really long time but was hesitant to buy them because I wasn't sure how they would look on me, being shorter than average. But for all my fellow short friends, let me tell you that trousers are definitely a MUST for your wardrobe! Not only are they super comfy, but they can so easily be dressed up or down for any occasion! I paired the trousers with my favorite hat (I literally wear it all the time), a simple white, flowy bodysuit, and my favorite mules

For my next gingham inspired outfit, I paired the strappy gingham top with an old pair of Levi's high waisted shorts, and (surprise surprise) my favorite brown floppy hat. Super comfy and casual so I definitely see myself outfit repeating myself in the future ;). 

What's your current summer trend obsession? Let me know in the comments below!