Pistachio Crazed


Happy June! We are already somehow half way through the year… how did that happen?!? June is always such an exciting time of year, with the days being longer and warmer, the promise of many beach trips, and all the summer time food, what’s not to love about summer? It also means wearing all the summer colored pieces, and this summer it’s all about pistachio.


If you’ve been following along with me recently, then you will have seen that I’ve been on a thrifting high and have pretty much been doing all my shopping second-hand (with the exception of certain pieces of course). I had been eyeing several pistachio pieces from some of my favorite stores, and had been so tempted to order them, but something always stopped me. Well, I hit up one of the Goodwills in Pasadena after work one day and found this dreamy button up vintage pistachio blouse in perfect condition for only $8. I know that if this were to sell in a real vintage shop, it would go for a lot more than that!


I am honestly so surprised by some of the vintage pieces that I find at Goodwill that are still in amazing quality. Of course, there are some days that I go to rummage through the racks and racks of clothing and come out with nothing. It is definitely a bit of a gamble, but it’s always so fun and so worth it when you find an amazing piece! I paired this find of mine with my flared white jeans from Reformation, some white mules from Urban Outfitters, and my favorite thrifted rattan bag.

Are you loving the pistachio trend this summer? Let me know in the comment section down below!