Switching Things Up - Bandana Style


Over the past year, my collection of silk scarves has grown thanks to my frequent thrift store and flea market visits. I am so drawn to the delicate fabric and detailing of each of them. One of my more recent scarf purchases was this bright green striped silk scarf. I typically would not go for something so vibrant, but with it being only $2 and with green being the color for summer I figured it was a must buy. I typically would just style it by tying it around my purse or wearing it as a neckerchief, but this time I decided it was time for a change and wore it as a bandana.


I wouldn’t call this a huge dramatic change in any sense, but being someone who is pretty consistent style wise, this was definitely something fun and new for me to try out. In the past, I was the type of person to try out something new and love it, but quickly change out of it for fear of what others would think. I am slowly but surely breaking away from that fear of what others think and just going for what I love.


I paired my headscarf with an abstract tee by Social Sunday, a pistachio satin mini skirt by & Other Stories, mules, and a thrifted rattan bag. I am definitely all about this green trend this summer and plan to wear use this scarf all summer long, whether it be as a bandana, neckerchief, or tying it around my purse. I am already excited for all the future outfits that will be styled with this vintage find of mine! What’s one thing you’ve been trying to try out (fashion or not) but haven’t yet?