January/February Thrift Store Finds


Welcome back to the blog friends! Some of you may know this already, but I recently moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend, Paul, which has been so exciting! Being someone who is obsessed with aesthetics and making sure everything always looks nice and put together, I’ve been dedicating all my weekends so far to finding unique pieces to make our apartment feel like a home. My favorite places thus far for finding little accent pieces are thrift stores, flea markets, Goodwill, and Etsy. There are so many hidden treasures that are sold for so much cheaper than in a typical store, which I love (though Etsy will usually be a bit more expensive). I decided to compile all my most recent finds in one blog post to share with you all! I also hope to get a apartment tour blog posted soon so stay tuned for that!

These two items both came from the same vintage etsy shop (BonniesBasementFinds). The first, is not a home decor piece but I still can’t help but share. I had been searching for a vintage beaded bag for a little while now, but didn’t want to spend too much money on one. This little purse is in perfect condition and so perfect to style for the warmer months. The second piece I ordered from BonniesBasementFinds is this little wooden catch-all tray. I totally fell in love with the details on the dish, and it makes for the perfect display piece in the kitchen.


This wall hanging art piece I found at our local thrift store. I have always loved dandelions, since I was little so I couldn’t leave the thrift store without this piece. The quote is so beautiful and meaningful and it totally fits in with my mid century-boho decor that I have going on at home.

My favorite colors right now are amber and warm yellows, so I couldn’t resist these glasses that were only $1 each at goodwill! I also found the floral mugs at Goodwill for only $2 each. They are so 70’s and the hand painted details are too dreamy. I’m not exactly sure what the miniature wood bowl was used for, but the carved detailing on the wood was too pretty for me to pass it up.

The first piece above is another piece that I found off of Etsy, shop is called TheWinterCollection. My love for rattan and anything woven came over me and I couldn’t resist ordering this piece when I saw it. It’s the perfect addition to my ever growing basket wall, which I will share once I post my apartment tour blog post! The second piece I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in January. Again, my love for rattan got the better of me and I couldn’t leave without it. It makes for the perfect fruit bowl/table centerpiece and is in perfect condition! Maybe one of these days I’ll stop buying all the rattan, but today is not the day.

And that concludes my thrifted haul blog post! I hope you guys enjoyed reading/feel inspired to go on out there and hit up your local thrift store/flea market for some hidden gems. For my fellow thrifters, what are your favorite places to shop for vintage goods? Let me know in the comment section down below!