May Thrift Store Finds


With the month of May coming to an end, I figured I would share some of my thrift store finds from the month. I feel like this month was a really good one for thrifting because I found so many amazing finds for such a steal! I try to hit up a thrift store at least one time a week, since there is always new things coming in to look through. The majority of these things were found in thrift shops and Goodwills by where we live in Azusa.

First up, we have probably my two favorite finds of the month, these framed cross stitch plants. I’ve slowly but surely been learning more and more about house plants as I have been buying more to fill our home with, so these cross stitches go perfectly with our apartment. I also found this guide to growing house plants magazine from the 70s, which I absolutely love


Another find that I could not believe that I actually found is this beautiful Mexican inspired ceramic bowl with miniature bowls inside. I had been eyeing plates and bowls with the same design from trendy shops around LA, but they were always too expensive for me to buy. I was shocked when I found this set in perfect condition going for only $8! Seriously such a steal!


Okay, this next one wasn’t actually from a thrift store, but still came second hand so I am including it in this post. I had recently asked my mom if she had any old film cameras laying around the house. She said she hadn’t but that my grandpa had some he wouldn’t mind giving me. I was so kindly given this Pentax K1000 film camera that I have already ordered film for and can’t wait to start using!


Next up is this terra cotta vase with some pretty greek inspired detailing and this amber glass jar. I am absolutely in love with anything amber and terra cotta so I definitely couldn’t resist these for a couple dollars each! I also found a pair of matching ceramic mugs detailed with growing mushrooms. I loved the muted, natural colors and simple design on them yet, you could tell they were really well made.

Finally, as if I need any more rattan anything, but I truly could not resist these! I have quite a few of the mini peacock chairs for holding plants but I found this mini rattan couch that I probably would not have bought, but considering it was only $5 I couldn’t resist. And it now sits perfectly next to our couch to hold a candle. I also loved this woven canister with matching coasters. I saw some similar ones going on Etsy for $25-30 but I was able to score these for only $5. The loaf basket I almost did not get, but for only $3 I very easily talked myself into buying it haha. It makes a perfect center piece on a table to hold some fruit.


And that concludes this month’s thrift store haul! I can’t wait to see what kind of finds June will bring. What’s something you found from a thrift store that you were so excited about? Let me know in the comment section down below!