Festive 4th of July Berry & Goat Cheese Toast

Happy Independence Day! This morning I couldn't help but want my breakfast to look a bit more patriotic than usual! This toast recipe is super easy and versatile and is one that I have been making for a few weeks now, but with blackberries rather than the blueberries and strawberries! Keep reading for the recipe down below! 

Fourth of July inspired berry & goat cheese toast


-2 pieces of toast (I used sprouted flax bread)

-Organic Goat cheese

-Organic blueberries (about 18)

-Organic strawberries (about 3 - sliced)

-Honey to drizzle on top (optional)


1) Toast your bread as toasty as you'd like it.

2) Spread goat cheese on bread.

3) Place three rows of three blueberries in  the upper left corner of the bread.

4) Place strawberry slices in straight lines to make the stripes.

5) Drizzle honey over your toast and enjoy! :) 

What is your favorite toast combo? I love trying new combos so let me know in the comment section!