A Day in Joshua Tree + Palm Springs

Having wanting to venture out to the desert for quite some time now, Paul and I finally dedicated a day to take a day-trip out to Joshua Tree & Palm Springs. Neither of us had ever visited Joshua Tree or Palm Springs so we figured, why not! It's about a 2.45 hour drive from where we live, so in order to make sure we could see everything, we packed up our cameras and left around 6:30 AM (a little too early in Paul's opinion, ha). 

Our first stop in Joshua Tree was (of course) for some coffee! Joshua Tree has the most quaint little coffee shop called Joshua Tree Coffee Co. Unfortunately when we arrived, we found out that a water pipe had burst across JT causing all water to be contaminated. We were able to get some cold brew, but sadly that meant most of the restaurants/eateries we were planning on visiting were closed. :( (Just means we'll have to plan another trip in the near future, I guess ;)).  

Across Joshua Tree, we are pleasantly surprised by how many beautiful murals there were! So naturally I had to take pictures in front of them. I mean did you even take a day-trip if you didn't take at least one mural pic? 

The End Mural/Shop located at: 55872 29 Palms Hwy, Yucca Valley, CA, 92284

Shop: T-Shirt

Since we only had less than a day in Joshua Tree, we didn't have any hikes planned (it was also way to hot to hike without the possibility of fainting). But we did make sure to drive around and take in the beautiful scenery outside of town. 

Probably my favorite little find in Joshua Tree was the World Famous Crochet Museum! It was pretty much a ghost town as we walked around and took in all the interesting art pieces. 

World Famous Crochet Museum located at: 61855 Hwy 62, Joshua Tree, CA, 92252

By the time we got to Palm Springs, we were pretty tired from the driving and heat. So we just made 3 stops at their most well known points of interest. THE Pink Door, The Parker, and the Lion Home. 

THE Pink Door located at: 1100 E Sierra Way, Palm Springs, CA, 92264

The Lion Home located: Just a few houses down from THE Pink Door home

Shop: Hat, Dress

Have you ever been to Joshua Tree and/or Palm Springs? If so leave me a comment on your favorite things to do there! :)