Knapp's Castle - A Photo Journal

Knapp's Castle, located in the Santa Ynez Mountains near Santa Barbara, is one hiking spot you won't want to miss. This trail would not be considered rigorous at all - it's only a one mile hike to get to the castle and back. We had some troubles actually finding where the trail began, however. As you're driving up highway 154, you will pass a gate that says 'right to pass revocable by owner.' We ended up driving past that gate and continued driving up the hill only to realize soon after that the gate was the starting point for the trail. 

A little history about the castle, a man by the name of George Owen Knapp bought the land and built a mansion back in 1916. It was later bought by a woman named Lotte Lehmann in 1940 but sadly, just 5 weeks after having bought it, the mansion was destroyed by a forest fire. All that was left are the major sandstones and pillars that you'll see in photos below.

As we trekked our way towards the castle, we were in awe of the views. We went after a huge storm so everything surrounding us was green and lush. Not too many people were at the ruins, luckily, so we were able to take as long as we wanted taking pictures with the ruins. 

If you walk down past the main ruins you will find a tree that has a rope hanging off of it. A lot of people swing around on it, so we thought we'd go ahead and give it a try! 

So next time you're looking for a place to adventure too, I recommend packing your hiking shoes and some comfortable clothes to hike the ruins of this beautiful castle!