The Museum of Ice Cream - A Photo Journal

When I heard the Museum of Ice Cream was coming to LA, I knew that I just had to get tickets for Paul and I to go! I mean, who wouldn't love all the insta-worthy opportunities and free ice cream?!? Located in the Arts District of Downtown LA, nestled between abandoned and graffitied buildings, the Museum of Ice Cream certainly stands out with it's bubble gum pink walls. 

Upon entering, we are greeted by a dessert covered wall and vintage pink phones that, when you pick them up, you can actually hear someone on the other line talking about ice cream! 

Since the museum is in sunny California, the creators dedicated a whole room to Hollywood by adding their own ice cream spin. My favorite part would definitely have to be the Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars with some very yummy sounding celebrities! ;) In this room, they were also giving away free scoops of McConnell's ice cream.

The next few rooms were definitely a sight as well! From the Banana Split room to the Mint room to the Giant Popsicle and Gummy Bear room, all had their fair share of photo-ops. Oh, and we can't forget the black ice cream! I was definitely a little hesitant to try it since it did not look like or feel like traditional ice cream, but it's safe to say that it was probably my favorite flavor they offered us!

But now we get to my favorite (and I'm sure everybody else's) favorite room - The Sprinkle Pool room! It is all very structured once you're in there. You are put into a small group with the other guests of the Museum and are given two minutes to snap pics and do whatever else you want in the pool! It certainly does not sound like a much time, and trust me that was probably the shortest two minutes of my life - but also the most fun! You definitely end up leaving the pool with sprinkles in places you have no idea how they even got there! haha

At that point, we had one room left in our ice cream journey and in there we were given a scoop of vanilla ice cream in between two pastel pink pancakes (a little too sweet for me, but still yummy!). Set up in this room was a ping pong table, the gift shop featuring all ice cream inspired souvenirs, and a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich swing! 

It's safe to say that the Museum of Ice Cream did not disappoint! Unfortunately since the exhibit is only around until August, tickets for the museum have already sold out. But for those who were able to score tickets and will be going in the near future, I wish you a sweet time and be prepared to take lots of pics! ;)